Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello blogosphere.

Ok. Although this is my first post for my second attempt to blog, the importance (or more fittingly, the lack) of fabric is a subject I really wanted to talk about for a long time. Watching the recent shows and reading the (undeserved) positive feedback some of them have gotten on blogs pushed me to actually do something about it. En bon québécois, ct'assez l'niaisage. 

Let's begin the rant with the overhypped Prada creepers from S/S 11 

Although I think the idea of creating wingtip creepers ingenious, the use of tri-color foam for the platform is distastful. Actually it is disgustingly insulting that a respectable house like Prada cheapened its image and think that a regular customer of the label would pay a whooping 795$ for foam that will desintegrate with every step on irregular concrete pavement. (Unfortunately, it already happened, and the remotely cheap design has already been imitated.) What happened to Miuccia's "when you are big, the quality is better" statement? And are these glue gun filaments and smudges I see on the blue sole, next to the espadrille, or ruffed up raffia from the latter? Check out on their website, zoom in and decide for yourself... 

And how can I rant about insulting, but incouscious designer's decisions without mentionning Christopher Kane's A/W 11 (and dare I say) slightly immature collection?

Christopher Kane Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Shapless nineties lava lamp revival.
Christopher Kane Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Mermaid-who-woke-up-has-a-humain-and-found-her-leftover-scales look.

Ah yes. It has not been the first time that Christopher Kane has, let's put it this way, "experimented" with fabrics. He is maybe one of the only designers showing in London who managed to vulgarise the delicate fabric that is lace by mimicking it with neon leather and to destroy the classic silhouette of a below-the-knee skirt and cardigan, thanks to a material reminiscing what I like to refer to as the female d*****bag print. (Besides, I am daily fighting against a current of clashing prints and cheapo fabrics: I live in Gatineau.)

Christopher Kane Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Gatinois and Gatinoises alike would be happy to 
hear that trashy prints 
are right on trend.

Christopher Kane Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
An imitation of my favourite fabric 
is matching my mac & cheese bowl.
'Nuff said.

Although I appear narrow-minded and quite uppity, I actually think these collections would be pretty well received in a shop selling crafty independant labels since yes, the garments are orignal creations and are made with innovative fabrics, such as the perforated leather. (Ok. Maybe the gino print ne ferait pas fureur, but you get my point.) But the fact that these garnements are being displayed on the runaway and are sold for thousands of dollars is simply ridiculous, considering the lack of aesthetic of the garnements.


Elyse E said...

Dear Chiara,
I'm happy to see that our blogger family is getting bigger :)
I actually quite agree about what you said, I think it's a shame coming from Prada!
Je t'aime jolie blonde :)

Élyse xo

chuck n. said...

je ne sais pas pourquoi je n'ai pas commenté la première fois que j'ai vu ce post, mais saches que t'écris super bien et je suis vraiment content que t'aies un blog!

au début, j'aimais les chaussures, mais le fait qu'ils étaient les "it shoes" de la saison me dégoutait un peu! les fashion peoples se suivent tous! la collection prada ss 11 était un peu ridicule pour les deux sexes. je crois que le monde l'ont tant aimé car ils voulaient absolument quelque chose de nouveau, malgré le beauté! même chose avec les collections de christoper kane!

ah oui, saches aussi que la mode n'est pas la seule chose qui te décrit chiara :)

Chiara said...

Merci Élyse et Chu!
Your comments really mean alot :)